Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Samsung PN43E450 is Certainly Value for Money

Samsung PN43E450 is Certainly a Must-have

At around $450, the Samsung PN43E450 is definitely a steal for any 43” TV and this model, in particular does it’s very best to cut down on energy consumption, due to its low resolution. Coming from the plasma family of TV’s, this is a joy to behold! There are no fancy features or design to boast about, but then again, what would you expect for that price? Then again the Samsung PN43E450 720P Plasma HDTV does include the popular Samsung trademark of Real Black Filter, which was found in the top of the range 2011 models. Luckily for most, 3D features have not been incorporated in the Samsung PN43E450 and it also does not offer online connection for Smart TV or the Internet.

Picture Perfect or What?

To say that the picture on the Samsung PN43E450 is perfect would be blasphemy, but, once again for the cheap price, the Korean powerhouse has delivered even in this department. With modern technology now leaning more towards 1080p (as with Blu-Ray, for example) the colour and contrast on the Samsung PN43E450 is more than decent and its side angle viewing is off the shelf. As for Samsung PN43E450 specs, the resolution is 1024 by 768, there are 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port for movies and photos, no wi-fi, no apps and no 3D.

How Exactly Can I Listen to the Samsung PN43E450 Without Disturbing the Neighbours?

We never expected the Samsung PN43E450 manual to spell it out for us but we did expect to find a headphone jack input for moments when we didn’t want to share our Dolby surround stereo sound with other poor souls. Unfortunately, the compact nature of the Samsung PN43E450 seems to have affected the lack of space available for just about anything else on the set. Luckily it appears that European consumers are catered for in a more welcoming fashion and seem to have the option of plugging in their headphones. Or it just could be that Europeans are judged to be rowdier than Yanks! The solution for those on the other side of the Atlantic is to dig into their pockets and spend a few bucks more on a solution.

Samsung Have Finally Got it Right With the Volume Control
It was not uncommon of Samsung models of the past to warrant a 60 plus volume level when watching Blu-Ray movies, just to make out what all the fuss is about. Now Samsung, at least in their PN43E450 model, seem to have made strides in their technology and the lowest level, at 1, is audible enough to understand but most humans would probably do best with a setting of between 7 and 10, still a far cry from the bygone era of crank it up a notch!

Samsung PN43E450 Set-Up as Easy as ABC

The Samsung PN43E450 calibration settings cannot be easier to figure out with a quick gaze at the user manual. In fact, even without the instructions, we were able to figure out from the on-screen menu how to calibrate picture and sound. The TV stand does have a swivel although expecting more than a 1 degree turn on either side could be asking for trouble. The Samsung PN43E450 is very light and, at less than 50lbs could easily be handled by one sober person. Some uncovered facts about this TV can be found on Samsung main page.

Beware of the Glare From the Samsung PN43E450 TV 

One particular issue we found irritating enough to point out is the glossy finish attributed to the Samsung PN43E450, which makes watching it under any hint of sunlight, lampshade or other artificial lighting rather problematic. Whilst acting as a spare mirror does have its advantages, we prefer to keep the Samsung PN43E450 immune to any type of light, as it reacts rather badly under these conditions.